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ProPartners Team is a one-stop shop for success. We have a passion for empowering independent veterinarians and helping clinic owners of all kinds reach their goals with personalized services. We offer specialized business systems and strategies to help existing clinics thrive and guide aspiring owners from dream to reality.

ProPartners Team Key Service Offerings

Strategy teams work with clinic owners to develop and implement personalized plans in all areas of clinic ownership.

Whether you need investment, insurance, or estate planning services, our registered investment advisors and insurance specialists have you covered.

DVM Office delivers timely financial data, giving you insight into the financial health of your practice, so you can make better business decisions.

Why Choose Us

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Veterinary Specific

Working with veterinarians is all we do. This allows us to have a unique understanding of all aspects of a clinic.

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Holistic Approach

Clinic culture, key performance indicators, other financials, and personal goals are areas where we focus to help you succeed.

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We Value Relationships

With ProPartners, you have a team around you to help you build your dream.

Our clients are highly motivated to make both business and lifestyle changes to effectively grow their businesses, and increase their mental well-being while alleviating much of the stress that comes with clinic ownership.

Empowering veterinarians at every stage:

From Buying a Clinic to Building a Legacy

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Veterinary Student

We're expanding our footprint on college campuses through AVMA coverage and engaging learning opportunities for students. With our vibrant network of clinic owners, we are your trusted partner for transitioning into your veterinary career.

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New Graduate

As you step into your veterinary career, we're here with vital protection and coverage through life and disability, plus expert financial planning and investment guidance to navigate your early years with confidence.

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Practice Ownership

Realizing your veterinary dreams, all under one roof. From building your own clinic to buying into the perfect partnership, we're your one-stop concierge, guiding every step and making your clinic ownership aspirations a reality.

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Practice Transition

It's your next chapter, and we're here to help you write it: we're legacy architects. We help veterinarians secure their financial future, maximize their practice value, and transition seamlessly into their next stage in life.

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Your financial needs evolve, and so do we. While we've always been there for your practice, our investment and estate planning services secure your future and legacy.

From Our Clients

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“ProPartners has allowed us to have confidence as new business owners by providing analysis and concrete steps to reach future goals with exceptional and personalized customer service.”

Dr. Carlee Tucker - Winfield Veterinary Hospital

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“ProPartners has been great for our practice! It’s wonderful to have an outside party to bounce ideas off of and then they evaluate the pros and cons of the idea with us as a team. We also really like the evaluation of our pricing to make sure we are on par with other similar practices. Overall, they are a valuable addition to our team.”

Dr. Kathryn Bell - Hillcrest Animal Hospital

“Extremely helpful in all things ownership, from business to your at home life.”

Dr. Nikki Eastburn - Eastburn Veterinary Services

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“ProPartners has not only revolutionized our business strategy but also has provided a sense of community and unwavering support, making a profound impact on both my professional and personal growth as a leader of R Veterinary.”

James Rericha - Founder: R Veterinary

“ProPartners has been instrumental in helping to ensure my business is and remains successful.”

Dr. Jenny Fitzgerald - Centralia Veterinary Clinic

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“My fantastic team at ProPartners has provided me with open and honest support and advice in managing my six doctor practice and my personal finances.”

Dr. Susan Sczepanski - Horton Forum Animal Hospital

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“Without ProPartners, I would be lost professionally and personally. They are more than strategists. They are good friends and trusted experts.”

Dr. Zach Whitehead - Ellisville Veterinary Hospital

“ProPartners gives me the confidence and clarity I need to guide my business in the right direction to reach its full potential.”

Dr. Jessica Stroupe - Howard County Veterinary Services

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“ProPartners has helped our business grow and expand efficiently while allowing our owners to continue being practicing veterinarians.”

Dr. Austin Sherman - Fair Grove Veterinary Services

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ProPartners Events

ProPartners fuels the veterinary community with events like the career-shaping ProPartners Networking Event and ongoing DVM Partners sharing groups for peer learning. From future vets on campus to industry leaders, we offer learning experiences for all!

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